Frequently Asked Questions


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How long is a coaching program?

An individualized coaching program lasts 6 months.  

Why does it take 6 months?

Lasting change doesn't take place in a few days or weeks.  During these 6 months, you will likely experience events that may make achieving your health goals challenging.  Some examples may include social events, holidays, vacations, etc.  Maintaining contact will allow us to develop strategies to help keep you on track toward meeting your personal health goals.  I'll be here providing you with support, handouts, recipes, whatever you might need to stay the course!

How often would we meet in a 6 month program?

Each coaching session lasts 50 minutes.  We meet bi-weekly for 6 months making a total of twelve 50 minutes sessions.

What if i have a question in between sessions?

I am always available via email and check it several times a day.  You will receive a response from me within 24 hours.

How would I get started?

Contact me to set up your free health consultation. 

What would a typical session look like?

We would begin by creating a few goals to achieve during your 6 month program.  Each session thereafter would consist of incorporating 2-3 new practices, celebrating achievements and strategizing to achieve better success in areas that might have been challenging.  We will create action steps to maintain success through social settings and unexpected events that could cause derailment of your health journey.  I will be your guide as we navigate new territory to achieve your desired health and happiness.

Will I receive any products included in with program?

Of course!  You will receive lots of online information, various self-care products, books, essential oils or other items that might contribute to your success.

Do you take long-distance clients?

Absolutely!  Thanks to technology, I'm available to anyone.  If a phone session is not what you're looking for, I am always free to Face Time, Skype or any other video chat that might work for you.